Freight Forwarding
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Latest and advanced integrated cloud (web) platform for logistics and freight forwarding operations.

It’s a cloud based, SaaS application. It’s single database across geographies and operations ensures improved productivity, and better customer service, which results in increased profitability & reduced costs.

FreightAdda allows seamless control and management of Air Freight, Sea Freight, Transport operations by integrating with CRM, Billing, and built-in Financial Accounting.

Reasons To Invest

Integrate Entire Operations

Provides a sophisticated way for freight forwarders to integrate their entire operations.

Improve Customer Service

Bring customer satisfaction with improved customer service efficiency and value additions to the business.

Save costs by up to 30% to 50%

By automating the manual process, freight forwarders can reduce few direct costs and save operational costs by up to 50 percent.

Drive Sales & Revenue Growth

Digitizing the entire CRM communications enhance sales and revenue by up to 30 percent.

Enhance Profitability of Business

The single integrated cloud platform improves the overall cash flow of the business by enhancing the fund availability and providing various checkpoints to stop Revenue Leakage.

Advantages Of Using Freight Adda

Increase Efficiency & Enhance Automation with FreightAdda Integrated Software Solution.

FreightAdda is a Web-based, Modular, Scalable Integrated Solution designed for the Freight Forwarders, NVOCCs and other logistics service providers. The global ERP software, FreightAdda, ensures improved Operational Efficiency & Profitability, Better Customer Service & Reduced costs for freight forwarding and logistics companies.

Provide Online Track & Trace To Your Customers to Deliver Value

FreightAdda Track & Trace mobile app/web portal allows your customers to check their shipment status, manage bookings, and check their statement of accounts and outstanding payments online.

Multiple Location, Multiple Operations, One Solution, FreightAdda

Work from anywhere/home with FreightAdda and manage and control Air Freight, Sea Freight, Transport, and operations from a single database & integrate it seamlessly with CRM, Billing, & Financial Accounting across branches and countries

Fully Integrated FreightAdda Links Your Operations with Finance for Complete Revenue Control

The Financial Accounting Module of FreightAdda links operations with finance to provide total control over the entire revenue flow.


  • FreightAdda Basic
  • Ocean Freight Management
  • Air Freight Management
  • Quick Quotations
  • Shipment Lifecycle Management
  • Accounting Module
  • Standard dashboards and reports
  • Get Started
  • FreightAdda Plus
  • Ocean Freight Management
  • Air Freight Management
  • Quick Quotations
  • Shipment Lifecycle Management
  • Flexible controlls for company Admins
  • Accounting Module
  • Customized Dashboards and Reports
  • Existing data migration
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Get Started
  • RECOMENDEDFreightAdda Premium
  • Ocean Freight Management
  • Air Freight Management
  • Quick Quotations
  • Shipment Lifecycle Management
  • Flexible controlls for company Admins
  • Accounting Module
  • Customized Dashboards and Reports
  • Existing data migration
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Advance Analytics & Deep Insights using AI & ML
  • Customer Portal Access to serve your customers seamlessly
  • Get Started


1. FreightAdda is a Modular application that makes it possible for businesses to Pick and Choose modules that best serve their Business Requirements. Customers have the additional flexibility to add Supplementary modules as required.FreightAdda supports customization and adds to the software as per the customer’s specific needs. All customer-facing documents like Bills of Lading, Airway Bills, Invoices, Pre-Alerts, Manifests, etc. are customizable.

2. The single database of FreightAdda allows you to access data from anywhere from the same database, so information that’s entered once is available to the stakeholders involved. This accelerates your operational efficiency by reducing manual errors and time that arises while re-entering data.

3. Document Management ensures a virtually paperless office by storing documents in their electronic form/images. The system can automatically capture, classify, store, index, and retrieve documents, quotations, and invoices against their respective shipment or company.

4. FreightAdda Dashboard displays important information and statistics of various aspects of your Operations, the Company, and its Functions in summarized and detailed form. This enables transparency and control across the enterprise.

5. The Auto Reports Scheduler is a tool that enables to configure automatic dispatch of Alerts, Notifications, and Reports to be sent to the customers at pre-defined intervals. Users can configure Customized Tracking Milestone and Notification to Customers.

6. The reporting system helps users to analyze their respective functions, obtain customizable reports, and view graphical MIS reports.

7. FreightAdda can interface with your country-specific rules and regulations system, allowing you to deploy FreightAdda across boundaries without any integration concerns.

8. Link your website and FreightAdda to provide up-to-date information to your customers and business partners.


Our support team is ready to assist you in any inquiry regarding our product, technology,
compliance, and others related to the Logistics and Freight Forwarding Industry.

Entering data about each shipment.
Finding out about rates.
Finding out about documentation.
Making bookings.
Managing Quotations.

Yes! User Privileges can be set based on their Profile/Designation.
Back up of the Data can be taken in a single click.

Freight forwarders provide their customers with a range of services including consolidation, documentation, freight payment and customs clearance. The service is offered by freight forwarders who serve as an intermediary between the shipper and the forwarder’s transportation network.

​Freight Forwarding Master, Inquiry, Quotation, Shipment, Invoices, Financial Accounting, Sales and Reports.

The Freight Forwarding modules manages the entire Air & Sea Freight Export & Import like Quotations, Bookings, Invoices, Reports & Airway bill, Consolidation.

​Yes. You can buy the modules that suit your current business operations. More modules can be added as and when required.

FreightAdda being an enterprise level web based / Cloud Based application, it can be used anywhere across the globe.

Yes. FreightAdda is equipped with a standard interface, using which integration with any third-party system can be achieved with ease. FreightAdda is compatible with all browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera).

You can buy the license software and deploy it on your own IT infrastructure located at in your office or at the service provider. Alternatively, you can also opt for a cloud.
It can also be made available on cloud by paying monthly cost of per user.

FreightAdda can be hosted in your server or alternatively in the server of your service provider as required by you.

Yes. You can integrate it with your corporate website to provide online tracking to your clients. FreightAdda gives flexibility to your customers to track their shipments in real-time through customer visibility portal.

There are many things we can do for you. Please ask us! Following are some examples: Make changes in the invoice layout (you might need languages other than English) or in other documents, add documents that are missing, add necessary fields, upload your customers list into the system, and more.
FreightAdda facilitates customizations. It can be done after a techno-commercial analysis of your requirements.

Yes. FreightAdda is committed to providing our clients the ability to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of the freight industry by constantly updating the freight forwarding system software.

Multi Location Data Collection Environment (MLDCE).
Multi Location Data Integration.
Consolidated Reports of Branches.
Customized User Security Levels.
Document Management System In-built Accounting System.


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Implementing a new logistics and freight forwarding solution has never been such hassle-free as with the FreightAdda support team. FreightAdda support team enables you to get onboard within 7 days. FreightAdda Team train the customer step by step and make them familiar with system. Above all, our support team is ready 24 X 7 to handhold customers to manage their business operations whenever needed.

FreightAdda support team is available round the clock to provide a comprehensive support service that enables customers to manage business operations. Our standard operating procedure and practice ensure prompt customer response and effective support service for your requirements.

Our exceptional Customer Support is the core differentiator that keeps us ahead of the competition.

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